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Summer Camp Singapore 2024 –

“Journey for Great Aspirations”

Aged 8-15

Summer Camp Singapore 2024“Journey for Great Aspirations” offers an exciting real- life experience for Vietnamese students from elementary to high school in Singapore. The program has various activities to give students a veritable summer vacation in Singapore.

The Singapore Summer Camp aims to help students, especially those who have never participated in international summer camp programs, to take their first steps in familiarizing themselves with the advanced education system worldwide and the cultural differences between countries.

The summer camp program is organized to encourage students to engage in experiences, research, and creative endeavors in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), applying their life skills to innovate unique and exciting ideas for the future.


    Day 1: STARTING UP
    • Lesson on international immigration regulations and flying to Singapore.
    • Group assignment, check-in, introductions, dinner.
    • Rest and acclimatize to the environment.
    • Instructor-led session on using public transportation, managing expenses, and problem-solving skills.
    • Practical session for campers on using top-up machines & MRT – Introduction to Singapore’s modern transportation and lessons on urban planning.
    • Exploration of culture, cuisine, and people at three diverse cultural districts: Kampong Glam + Little India + Chinatown.
    • Enjoyment of local cuisine and shopping at Chinatown in the evening.
    Campers participate in the Amazing Race challenge to one of three prominent MRT stations in Singapore, learning about how Singapore builds smart urban areas within the city.
    DAY 4: CREST project day 1, focused on “Mastering Water Technology – Mastering the Future,” was initiated. Singapore’s Goverment have utilized various technologies and scientific knowledge for water treatment?
    DAY 5: Continuing the CREST project on water treatment using nano filtration membranes and technologies such as ultraviolet radiation and oxidation prevention using electromagnetic waves for mineral water.
    Surveying and researching the water treatment situation in Vietnam, especially issues such as wastewater treatment, saline intrusion treatment, and the safety of water sources, etc.
    DAY 6: Completing the ideas to design water filtration processes and systems with the support of scientists in the environmental field and submitting the project proposal to the British Science Association for CREST certifications.


    Experience life in a highly developed economy with modern infrastructure, leading the world in cleanliness, greenery, and safety. Participate in classes taught by experienced international instructors. Participate in classes taught by experienced international instructors. Engage in interesting lessons where learning is hands-on, boosting students’ confidence in communication and enhancing their English language reflexes.

    Develop teamwork skills, cultivate independence, foster creativity, enhance self- discipline, and adapt to new environments.
    The CREST certificate is internationally accredited by the British Science Association.


    1. Skill Development
    Students undergo training in various skills and are guided through international immigration procedures, foreign interview skills, and expanding social knowledge. They gain confidence in public speaking, sharing, and addressing audiences.
    2. Learn to live together
    Students increase their knowledge and confidence, observation skills, boldness. Understanding of public etiquette principles, and broaden their social knowledge.
    3. Learn to have fun
    Students are delighted with the unique and exotic entertainment activities of Singapore, while also refining their motor skills, concentration, and artistic abilities.
    4. Learn to love

    Explore knowledge of history, enhance environmental awareness, and cultivate a sense of environmental protection.


    Participants: Open to students nationwide aged 8 to 15.

    The Singapore summer camp program lasts for 8 days and 7 nights per session. The summer camp sessions take place in 2024 as follows:

    Session 1:

    June 21th – June 28th

    Session 2:

    July 01st – July 08th


    A summer only lasts a season , but your impact can last a lifetime.

    Jorge Uribe

    I am happy to recommend Singapore Summer Camp, because I believe is truly inspiring and transformative for young people. This camp provides a wide range of activities and experiences that help adventurous youngsters develop their skills, interest, and character.

    Thái Thị Việt Anh

    THT Singapore Summer Camp is a summer program that brings students a multidimensional experience of life, culture, and education in Singapore.
    “Life is better in THT SUMMER CAMP”. Come and join the camp to try new adventures away from home in a safe environment.

    Nguyễn Thị Thùy Trang

    “Just only studying isn’t enough? Let summer be a time with memorable experiences. Learning with practicing is the good way to have some time for ourself. Have your own time, say goodbye to the troubles of studying and enjoy summer camp with us”.

    Trần Anh Tùng

    All of your feelings and experiences are unique, so if you want to get to know Singapore, pack yourself up and get on this journey, as adventure is the best way to learn.

    Nguyễn Thanh Trúc

    Let this summer be the best “chapter” in your kids’ life by joining the Singapore camp with THT. We are ready to go and explore Singapore with all of the students. This will be the great chance to have a memorable summer with many meaningful and rewarding experiences.

    Trần Thanh Dung

    Let your children freely experience, thrive and shine in the love of teachers and friends amidst the camp’s joy, and excitement with valuable life lessons in the summer camp of THT.
    Dalat Summer Camp mở ra cánh cửa đưa trại sinh đến với những trải nghiệm đầy mới lạ, nơi tụ hội và giao lưu giữa những tài năng bí ẩn, hứa hẹn những kỉ niệm mùa hè tràn ngập tiếng cười….

    Trương Thế Khang

    Summer is the season of discovery and growth. Let your children freely experience, thrive and shine in the love of teachers and friends amidst the camp’s joy, and excitement with valuable life lessons in the summer camp of THT.

    Vũ Nguyên Hải Đăng

    There is always that one summer that changes you. Singapore camp – let’s make memories last a lifetime.

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    Đoàn Nguyên Đông
    – Singgapore Camp 2019 –

    “Dear Mom and Dad,
    Thank you for letting me join this summer camp. Thanks to it, I’ve learned a lot of useful things and got many beautiful memories with friends. Before going on the trip, I was very shy, but after days and days at the camp, I’ve become more and more confident. I’ve learned how to take the MRT and bus, how to work in teams and especially how to be more confident and independent. I’ve learned about our previous water environment, plants and animals and the prehistoric age. I’ve learned about the history of Singapore and the skills of CPR and the First Aid with my favorite teacher: Mr. May. These are the knowledge that I can never get from books. My friends played a lot of fun games with me and it made me feel happy. Thank you Mom! Thank you Dad! Thanks to you, I’ve got a never-forgot summer!
    ♥Love you♥
    Dong. “

    Trần Phùng Kỳ
    – Singgapore Camp 2019 –

    “Dear Mom and Dad,
    I am writing this letter to say thank you very much for give me a chance to join this camp. This was an amazing trip. I had learnt so many useful things from my three-friendly teachers. This camp had changed my way of doing things a lot. The most important thing is that I learnt how to be more self-confident when talking to strangers although I was really shy before this camp. The amazing second thing is that now I can have teamwork with all kind of people which used to be my fear. The last but not least is that I had learnt from teacher May how to become a better leader. I realized that it was interesting and relaxing when I divided work for members of the team. I really really love this camp because it is the most unique and awesome camp that I have ever been to. Thanks to you, Mom and Dad, I was having a good time with my friends. We all have fun, laughed, sang, played and learnt together. We played about the jokes, sang our specials songs, played joyfully and especially we had learnt many many important things for me at the present and in the future. I just want to continue this camp with all off my friends and my best teachers ever.
    Your handsome son =))


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